0.22L Matte Black Aluminum Gas Cylinder

This high-efficiency 0.22-liter matte black aluminum cylinder is suitable for a variety of scenarios, including outdoor sports, camping, diving, and industrial use. It provides you with reliable gas storage and supply to keep your events running smoothly.

Please note: Before use, please be sure to follow the relevant safety operation regulations, use and maintain the gas cylinder correctly, and check and test according to the specified cycle.


This high-efficiency 0.22-liter brushed black aluminum cylinder is a lightweight and portable gas storage solution. It has the following main features and parameters:

Capacity: 0.22 liters, suitable for various gas storage needs.
Thread specification: M18*1.5, easy to install and connect.
Working pressure: 200 bar/3000 psi, to meet the needs of various applications.
Diameter: 50 mm, compact and lightweight.
Height: 197mm, easy to carry and store.
Wall Thickness: 4 mm, providing solid structure and safety.
Weight: only 0.33 kg, easy to carry.
Surface treatment: matte black coating, stylish and durable.