0.5L Black Flat Bottom Aluminum Cylinder

Applicable scenarios:

outdoor activities, aerospace, industrial applications, etc.
This 0.5 liter black flat bottom aluminum gas cylinder is manufactured from high quality aerospace aluminum alloy for exceptional strength and durability. Its flat bottom design provides stable and reliable support. The surface is treated with wear-resistant spraying, which has the performance of waterproof, sunscreen and corrosion resistance. The gas cylinder is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, providing safe and reliable gas storage and release. Its lightweight and portable design makes it an ideal gas storage solution. Whether it’s for outdoor adventures, industrial use, or aerospace, this 0.5 liter black flat-bottomed aluminum gas cylinder has what you need and delivers exceptional performance and reliability.


Capacity: 0.5 liters
Colour: Black
Bottom shape: flat bottom
Diameter: 61 mm
Height: 289 mm
Bottle size: M18*1.5
Material: 6061 aviation aluminum alloy
Surface treatment: wear-resistant spraying
Protective features: waterproof, sunscreen, anti-corrosion
Maximum pressure: 3000 PSI (safety pressure)
Test pressure: 4500PSI