0.35 Liter Carbon Fiber Cylinder

Capacity: 0.35 liters
Outer diameter: 61.5mm
Length: 228mm
Weight: 0.48 kg
Working pressure: 30 MPa (300 bar)
Hydraulic test pressure: 300 bar
Temperature service range: -40°C to 60°C
Design life: 15 years
Fiber material: carbon fiber
Lining material: 6061 aluminum alloy


The cylinder has a design life of 15 years and is EN and ISO certified to the highest quality and safety standards. Portable and lightweight features make it easy to carry and transport, to meet a variety of use needs. Custom options are available to meet your specific requirements. Choose our best-in-class carbon fiber cylinders for performance and peace of mind.
Introducing our 0.35 liter carbon fiber gas cylinder, designed for high pressure applications. Manufactured from carbon fiber material, the cylinder is extremely lightweight while maintaining exceptional strength and durability. The compact design makes it ideal for outdoor sports, diving, medical applications and fire suppression needs. Carbon fiber has corrosion-resistant properties, ensuring long life and reliability of the cylinder.