0.2 liter aluminum cylinder

Capacity: 0.2 liters
Colour: Black
Bottom shape: flat bottom
Surface treatment: frosted
Working pressure: 4500 PSI
Thread specification: M18x1.5
Material: aviation aluminum alloy


This gas cylinder is made of high-strength aviation aluminum alloy, which has excellent lightweight and corrosion resistance. It has a matte finish that presents a fine-textured surface, which not only has practical functions, but also displays a stylish appearance.

The working pressure reaches 4500 PSI, which can provide stable and reliable gas output. The thread specification is M18x1.5, which is convenient to connect with various accessories and equipment. With a volume of 0.2 liters, this cylinder is ideal for light portability and storage.

Whether it’s outdoor activities, aviation model building, scuba diving adventures or medical applications, this 0.2 liter black flat bottom aluminum cylinder has you covered. Its high-strength material and stable working pressure make it a reliable and durable cylinder choice. Whether you use it professionally or as a personal hobby, it provides you with a premium gas storage solution.