0.5-liter black flat-bottomed aluminum cylinder

The following are the detailed parameters of the 0.5-liter black flat-bottomed aluminum cylinder:

Capacity: 0.5 liters
Working pressure: 3000 psi
Thread Gauge: 5/8-18 UNF
Material: aviation aluminum alloy
Colour: Black
Surface treatment: flat bottom design
Weight: 700 grams
Volume: 0.5 liters


This aluminum cylinder has a capacity of 0.5 liters and is suitable for the storage and use of high-pressure gas. The working pressure is 3000 psi, which can work safely and stably within this range. The thread specification of the gas cylinder is 5/8-18 UNF, which is convenient to connect with other equipment or interfaces. It is made of aviation aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The black design is stylish and durable, and the flat bottom structure makes the cylinder stable. It weighs 700 grams and has a volume of 0.5 liters, making it easy to carry and use.