0.25 Liter Black Flat Bottom Aluminum Gas Cylinder


Capacity: 0.25 liters
Thread specification: M18*1.5
Working pressure: 300bar/4500psi
Diameter: 60mm
Height: 195mm
Wall thickness: 6.2 mm
Net weight: 0.58 kg
Finish: Matt Black


Choose our 0.25 Liter Black Flat Bottom Aluminum Gas Cylinder and you’ll have high pressure working capability and a lightweight design. The cylinder is manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy for durability and reliability. The thread specification is M18*1.5, which is convenient for connecting with other equipment. The working pressure is 300bar/4500psi, which is suitable for various high-pressure gas application scenarios. The diameter is 60 mm, the height is 195 mm, and the wall thickness is 6.2 mm, providing a solid structure and safety. The net weight is 0.58 kg, and the lightweight design makes it easy to carry. Finished in matt black for a stylish look while providing extra durability and protection. This cylinder is your reliable companion, whether it is used in outdoor activities, sports competitions or other applications.