0.22 Liter Gloss Black Aluminum Gas Cylinder


Capacity: 0.22 liters
Thread specification: M18*1.5
Working pressure: PW200BAR (gas cylinder working pressure) / PH300BAR (gas cylinder test pressure)
Diameter: 50mm
Height: 290mm
Wall thickness: 3.4mm
Net weight: 0.33 kg
Surface treatment: bright black


Choose our 0.22 liter gloss black aluminum gas cylinder and you’ll enjoy lightweight durability and versatile application experience. The cylinder is manufactured from high quality aluminum alloy for strength and durability. The thread specification is M18*1.5, which is convenient to connect with other equipment. The working pressure of the gas cylinder is PW200BAR, and the test pressure is PH300BAR. Choose our gas cylinders today for a reliable gas storage solution for your events and needs