Diving equipment

Model: HPA M18*1.5 Diving equipment

Weight: 700g

Material: Copper

High pressure hose length: 50cm

Maximum working pressure of high-pressure hose: 63MPA

High pressure hose connection: M10*1 metric thread

Maximum working pressure of pressure switch: 400bar/6000psi

Pressure switch thread type: 1/8npt

Valve input thread type: M18*1.5

Valve outlet thread type: G5/8 BSP5/8 female thread

Quick-release plug thread type: 8mm metric thread

Quick release socket thread type: M10*1 metric thread

Exhaust valve material: metal

Maximum working pressure: 350bar/5000psi

Scope of application: From large cylinders to small cylinders or from cylinders to large cylinders


The HPA M181.5 diving kit is a gas charging valve with a gas charging station, inflation adapter, pressure switch, 6000psi gauge and regulator. It is equipped with a 50cm long 63MPA high pressure hose (with spring wrap) with M101 metric threads. The pressure switch uses a large 400bar/6000psi high pressure dial with 1/8npt thread. The valve input port is M181.5 thread, and the output port is G5/8 BSP5/8 female thread. It is also equipped with an 8mm metric quick release plug and an 8mm female quick release socket with M101 metric threads. The handwheel is large, easy to operate, and the valve is also equipped with a metal exhaust valve. The operating pressure is 350bar/ 5,000 psi and can be used to inflate from large cylinders to small cylinders, or from cylinders to large cylinders.