Dual Gauge Adapter Valvula Reguladora

Dual pressure gauges: Equipped with two pressure gauges, you can easily monitor input and output pressure in real time to ensure accurate control and safe operation. High pressure capacity: Withstands pressure up to 400BAR, 6000PSI, to meet the needs of various high-pressure pneumatic systems. Switch function: With a switch, can easily adjust the airflow and quickly change the state of the pneumatic system. High-strength aluminum alloy structure: Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, with corrosion resistance and compression ability, to ensure long-term stable operation. 5/8-18UNF thread entry: Standard 5/8-18UNF thread entry for easy connection and installation.


Material: High-strength aluminum alloy Pressure Capacity: Up to 400BAR, 6000PSI Thread Entry: 5/8-18UNF Dual Pressure Gauges: Yes Switch Function: Yes Structure: High-strength aluminum alloy Application: Hydraulic systems, industrial equipment, aerospace, etc. Our high-strength aluminum alloy pneumatic regulating valves are widely used in areas requiring high-pressure pneumatic control, such as hydraulic systems, industrial equipment, aerospace, and more. Whether you are building a new system or upgrading an existing one, it provides precise pressure regulation and reliable performance.