air Regulator Adjustable valve

Adapter thread: G1/2-14 (both output and input threads are G1/2 “-14)

Quick disconnect: 8mm male/female or US standard male/female

Pressure range: 0-2000 psi (3000psi gauge pressure)


The HPA CO2 Compressed Air Regulator Adjustable valve is a pressure reducing valve set designed to solve the SF problem of gases using CO2 G1/2-14 tanks or HPA cylinders. It has a new design and is equipped with knobs to easily adjust the output pressure. The regulator has a wide range of applications and is smaller, lighter and more compact. Improved components ensure constant pressure flow from 0-2000 psi (3000psi gauge pressure). Lightweight and compact enough to hold in your hand, it is the ultimate performance upgrade for your equipment and the first step to increased reliability and accuracy.


The new version of the air regulator improves airflow, provides stable, reliable output pressure, and is small and lightweight.

Easy to use, pressure adjusting knobs easily compensate for temperature changes and differences between different tanks, maintaining a consistent muzzle velocity and protecting pneumatic tools from damage is essential!

Configurable to work with all 0.825 “-14 CO2 tanks, whether running the tank on board or using remote lines, the new version of the regulator will improve the functionality of any marker you use!

Why do I need an air conditioner?

The regulator controls the air entering the gun from the tank and stabilizes that pressure. The regulator on the tank must measure, for example, from 3000psi (maximum) down to 0-2000psi (3000psi gauge pressure). These regulator valves, after undergoing a large change in pressure, take the fluctuating output from the tank and refine it into a stable supply to produce more consistent function and precision.

Please note:

Since this pressure regulator cannot produce constant pressure, it takes time to adjust the pressure. If fully automatic fire, the air pressure may be unstable, the pressure gauge may show back pressure and jump, but this will not affect the single shot or wait 1 second to fire again.

Instructions for use:

Follow these steps:

Undo the knob.

Connect the regulator kit to your cylinder.

Tighten the knob slowly to reduce pressure.

Attention! We can only adjust the pressure from 0 psi until you reach your desired pressure range (maximum adjustable pressure of 2000 psi). After each fire, the pressure will be refreshed.

By using an HPA CO2 Compressed Air Regulator adjustable valve, you can easily solve gas problems in a CO2 G1/2-14 tank or HPA cylinder. It is a powerful regulator system with reliable output pressure control and a compact design. Whether you’re in competition or combat, this regulator provides you with a more stable, consistent gas supply to improve your equipment performance.

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