Air Fill Adapter

Adapter type: Air fill adapter

Hose length: 50cm

Gauge options: 3000psi or 5000psi

With or without a vent valve: Optional

Applicable mouth type: G1/2-14

Adapter material: all metal structure (aluminum alloy)

Hose material: braided stainless steel, nylon, spring winding, etc

Hose connection: Standard hose connector (1/8″NPT female side hole)

Application: Used to fill carbon dioxide from larger CO2 or nitrogen tanks into smaller soda water tanks

Adapter color: black


This is an air fill adapter designed for filling carbon dioxide from a larger CO2 or nitrogen tank into a smaller soda tank. It is made of an all-metal construction (aluminum alloy) with excellent durability and sealing. With a 50cm braided stainless steel hose (or other) and optional 3000psi or 5000psi pressure gauge, you can choose to monitor the pressure of the filling cylinder as required. In addition, you can choose the option with only a vent valve but no pressure gauge. The adapter can be threaded to G1/2-14 and the needle valve is pressed by tightening a large coarse grain knob for fast filling operations. The adapter also comes with a standard hose fitting (1/8″NPT female side hole) for connection to conventional hoses. Without the use of a pump, you can easily and quickly fill your cylinder with this adapter to ensure that the cylinder does not overfill