High pressure hand pump filter water and oil separator

Name: pump filter/water and oil separator
Thread: m10*1
Length: 108mm
0. D: 32mm
Color: golden/blue
Pressure: 40mpa
Material: aluminum alloy
Application: air filtering


As we all know, high pressure compression will compress the water vapor in the air into water. In this way, when pumping, it will mix the air with oil and water into the container. After entering the container, the oil and water will corrode the container wall and reduce the pressure performance of the container, resulting in safety risks. The oil-water separation function is built into our cylinder base. However, due to the limited space in the cylinder base, only about 30 percent of the oil and water can be separated. Therefore, it is necessary to use an external oil-water separator. Combined with inside and outside, it can realize 90% oil-water separation function. Make the gas in the container more pure and reduce safety risks