Pressure Pump Oil Water Separator

color:Stainless steel
material:Stainless steel
Test pressure:40 MPA
Working pressure:30 MPA
Quick connector:8mm
Cooling mode:Water cooling
Base type:Large base
manometer:Large pressure gauge


Super performance show! Girls can also easily pass 30MPA

This well-designed pump is easy for anyone, regardless of gender, to push pressure to the limit. Whether you’re inflating high-pressure equipment, outdoor adventures, or other tasks that require a powerful pump, this pump will help you do it quickly and easily. Its reliability and performance meet all your high-pressure inflation needs

Oil and water filtration effect is stronger

The micron-level oil-water separator absorbs and filters oil and water, and the effect reaches about 99%.


View the upgraded barometer in real time

40MPA oil-filled anti-seismic luminous pressure gauge The internal oil is used to prevent the pointer from violently swinging There are two types of random delivery 400BAR=40MPA


Ingenious material all copper valve

The all-copper one-way valve has good air tightness, and it is not afraid of damage when overloaded

Finishing Brass Piston

The internal piston is made of all-copper material, with high strength, high precision and high wear resistance. The piston head adopts self-compensating piston ring, which has good air tightness and looks like new for a long time. It is fast and easy to inflate

Easy and Portable Folding Pedals

The foldable design of the pedals can be easily put into the trunk and toolbox
Easy to carry and does not take up space

Quality trachea heat resistant and antifreeze

Selection of high-quality antifreeze materials, heat-resistant, cold-resistant and anti-corrosion

High strength stainless steel

The cylinder body is made of high-strength fine-polished stainless steel tube, which is durable and prolongs the service life

Ergonomic grip

Grip Ergonomic design, comfortable grip, non-slip and wear-resistant