High pressure 0.5L white aluminum cylinder

Detailed parameters of 0.5L white aluminum cylinder:

Capacity: 0.5 liters
Pressure: 3000 PSI (safety pressure), 4500 PSI (test limit)
Diameter: 61 mm / 2.4 inches
Wire specification: M18*1.5
Material: 6061 aviation aluminum alloy
Surface treatment: wear-resistant spraying
color: White
Weight: (please provide)
Application medium: suitable for storage and release of gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide
Certification: CE/EN certification
Service life: 20 years
Temperature range: -40°C to 60°C
Safety features: waterproof, sunscreen and anti-corrosion properties
Applicable scenarios: outdoor activities, aerospace, industrial applications and other fields
Wire specification: M18*1.5
Others: No internal coating to accelerate rapid internal heat dissipation


This high-pressure 0.5-liter white aluminum cylinder features wear-resistant spray technology for durability and light portability. With a diameter of 61 mm, it has a moderate capacity and is suitable for various gas storage and release needs. Aluminum is lightweight yet strong, and treated for water and corrosion resistance, ensuring reliable use. Whether for outdoor activities, aerospace, industrial applications or personal use, this white aluminum cylinder is your reliable companion.