compressed Air regulators

Pressure range: 0-2000psi

Output thread: G1/2″-14

Structural material: high strength aluminum alloy

Features: With pressure adjusting knob, double pressure gauge, compact and light


Looking for a reliable CO2 and compressed air regulator to meet your high-pressure pneumatic system needs? Our high performance CO2 and compressed air regulators are ideal for you! Carefully designed for excellent performance and reliable pressure control.

The regulator is a new design with knobs to easily adjust the output pressure. It performs well in a wide range of applications, is suitable for any paintball marker, and is smaller, lighter and more compact. Improved components ensure a constant pressure flow of 2000psi (3000psi gauge pressure). A high performance regulator system that is lightweight, small and easy to hold, it is the ultimate upgrade to improve the performance of all paintball marking machines and the first step to improving reliability and accuracy.