new model of double O-sealed valve

Input thread: 5/8″-18UNF M18*1.5

Output thread: G1/2-14

Maximum input pressure: 4500psi/300bar

Output pressure range: 800psi, 1000psi, 1200psi, 1500psi, 1800psi, 2000psi, 2200psi, 2400psi, 2600psi and 3000psi

Application scenarios: Aquarium, Sodastream, gas supply, pneumatic system


The new model of double O-sealed valve M18*1.5 G1/2-14 5/8-18UNF is a high performance pressure regulator for aquariums, Sodastream and other applications. With reliable gas supply and precise output pressure regulation, it is suitable for gas supply and pneumatic systems. The valve is made of high quality materials and advanced manufacturing process, with durability and air tightness.