M18*1.5 and 5/8″-18UNF adapter

Female/Male thread size: M18*1.5 or 5/8″-18UNF
Colour: Black
Material: black aluminum alloy
Weight: 25 grams


M181.5 to 5/8″-18UNF Gas Interconnect Conversion Adapter, an innovative product that perfectly matches gas fittings. Manufactured in black aluminum alloy, stylish and durable. The adapter can realize M181.5 and 5/ Quick transition between 8″-18UNF for reliable gas transfer. Whether you need to connect gas cylinders, gas supply equipment or other gas accessories, this adapter provides the ideal solution for you. Lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry and install. Use our black aluminum M18*1.5 to 5/8″-18UNF gas connection adapter and enjoy the convenient gas connection experience